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  • Adding content to and removing content from the left and right columns

    The [AddContent:] and [ClearContent:] tags can be used to add content to and remove content from the left and right columns of your web pages.
  • Embedded Summaries

    The [Summary:] tag allows you to insert the title and summary from another article into a page.
  • Copying articles

    Logged in users with moderator permissions are able to copy articles in the content management system
  • Quick Links

    The [QuickLinks:] tag allows you to insert a titled box containing a list of links into an article.
  • Accordion

    An accordion or concertina style interface can be created using the [Accordion:] tag.
  • Slideshows of all the images in another article

    The [ArticleImagesSlideShow:] tag allows you to generate an slideshow of all the images (except for the summary image) contained in another article.
  • Example page containing images for a slideshow

    The images on this page are used in article
  • Tab Menus

    The [TabMenu:] tag allows you to insert a tab style menu into a page to allow navigation within a subsection of the site.
  • iCalendar Files

    Calendar events are traditionally shared using iCalendar (.ics) files. These are often attached to event invitation emails and are widely used across calendaring applications.
  • Redirecting to other pages

    Webulator allows a page to automatically redirect to another page using [Redirect:] command
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The share page widget

You can share a page on popular social networking sites using the command


Embedding Videos

Videos can be embedded in an article by uploading them as a file and adding the [Handler] command and perhaps some optional parameters into the file's text field.


The [Handler] command

The [Handler] command is different from almost all the other Webulator special commands in that it is not used in an article text field but is used in the text describing a file field. It can be either used on its own and will provide default options for the uploaded file or further arguments can be provided depending on the type of file.


Controlling text formatting

Text may sometimes appear ugly if it squeezes between 2 pictures, or you may sometimes want to force an image that follows a block of text to be left aligned but are unable to use the left aligned (on its own row) layout style because you want some more text to appear to the right of this image. These problems can by fixed by using the [Clear:] tag


Forcing an image below a block of text

In the example below, there are 2 blocks of text with an image on the left. The intention is to have the images vertically inline on the left with the text to the right but using the image on left layout style will not achieve what we want if the text block does not extend below the image.


Preventing text from being squashed between 2 images

The example below has 2 images and a block of text. The first image is on the left, the 2nd is on the right and the text follows. Because there is enough space between the images to fit some text, that is where the text starts and the result is mostly undesirable unless you have an unusually wide display.



When entering text into single line entry fields, a menu of suggestions will pop up showing suggestions that start with the text typed in so far.


Colours and fonts

This section of the Edit Site page allows you to change background and text colours and the fonts used throughout your website.


Site name & Copyright holder

These fields are used to set the name of the website as it will appear in the header on each page and the name of the copyright holder as it will appear on the footer on each page.

The Site name and Copyright holder fields

Technical Stuff

This section contains fields for customising your website outside the scope of the colours and fonts settings, for inserting extra information into your website page headers and for adding custom html at the end of every page.

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