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  • Adding content to and removing content from the left and right columns

    The [AddContent:] and [ClearContent:] tags can be used to add content to and remove content from the left and right columns of your web pages.
  • Embedded Summaries

    The [Summary:] tag allows you to insert the title and summary from another article into a page.
  • Copying articles

    Logged in users with moderator permissions are able to copy articles in the content management system
  • Quick Links

    The [QuickLinks:] tag allows you to insert a titled box containing a list of links into an article.
  • Accordion

    An accordion or concertina style interface can be created using the [Accordion:] tag.
  • Slideshows of all the images in another article

    The [ArticleImagesSlideShow:] tag allows you to generate an slideshow of all the images (except for the summary image) contained in another article.
  • Example page containing images for a slideshow

    The images on this page are used in article
  • Tab Menus

    The [TabMenu:] tag allows you to insert a tab style menu into a page to allow navigation within a subsection of the site.
  • iCalendar Files

    Calendar events are traditionally shared using iCalendar (.ics) files. These are often attached to event invitation emails and are widely used across calendaring applications.
  • Redirecting to other pages

    Webulator allows a page to automatically redirect to another page using [Redirect:] command
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Embedding Media

The Webulator system allows editors to embed various media types within pages. It also allows data from other web applications to be embedded within a page.

HTML Validation

Webulator links with the World Wide Web Consortium's online HTML validation tool in order to verify that any HTML typed in by the user is correct.


Embedding PDF files

PDF files can be uploaded in the same way as any other filetype, but can also be shown embedded within the page.


Embedded BlipTV Videos

Movies hosted on blip.tv can be added to pages with a simple tag.


Embedding Flash Files

Since Shockwave Flash files are rarely required to be downloaded, the system displays uploaded .swf files as embedded Flash items by default.


Embedded Panoramic Images

Panoramic images can be embedded by uploading a jpeg image in the correct format into a 'file' field on a page.


Embedded Google Maps

Google Maps can be embedded by using a simple tag. More advanced and customisable maps can be embedded using copy and paste to add the code which Google generates for you within Google maps.


Embedded Google Calendars

Google Calendars can be embedded using copy and paste.



Instructions on how to use Webulator


Embedded Date Countdown

A countdown to a given date can be embedded into an article using a simple tag.

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