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Terms and Conditions

The Webulator Terms and Conditions must be accepted by customers before they can use Webulator to make their own website.

  1. Interpretation
    1. "host" : the hardware running the customer's Webulator website.
    2. "back up" : an exact copy of original data.
  2. Appointment
    1. Dial Solutions Limited grants the Customer a licence to use its Webulator software and will host the Customer's resulting website in return for payment of an annual fee.
  3. Dial Solutions Limited Responsibilities Dial Solutions Limited undertakes to:
    1. Ensure that the Customer's Webulator website is available 99.9% of the time.
    2. Back up the host daily.
    3. Update the host promptly whenever security updates become available.
  4. Customer Responsibilities
    The Customer undertakes to:
    1. Keep login and password details for their Webulator website secure.
    2. Pay the annual fee before the end of the month following the month of their invoice date. Failure to pay the invoice within 60 days of the invoice date can result in the Customer's Webulator website being made unavailable.
    Prohibited uses: The Customer shall not post, transmit, retransmit, or store material using Webulator which in the sole judgement of Dial Solutions Limited:
    1. Is illegal
    2. Would reasonably be considered objectionable. Examples would include, but are not limited to, material which is:
      1. racist
      2. obscene
      3. libellous
      4. abusive
      5. threatening
    3. Contains software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
    4. Impersonates another person or entity, or otherwise falsely represents itself
    5. Could harm minors.
  5. Copyright
    1. The Customer acknowledges that the copyright of Webulator is vested in Dial Solutions Limited
    2. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that there is no breach of copyright on the material they publish on their Webulator website and indemnifies Dial Solutions Limited against any action that might ensue as a result of such breach.
  6. Warrants and Liabilities Dial Solutions Limited hereby warrants and agrees that it is a condition of this Agreement, as follows:
    1. That it is a properly constituted limited company under the laws of England and Wales;
    2. That it has the power and authority to enter into this Agreement without approval from any third party;
    3. That the software, host and internet connectivity is of satisfactory quality and is reasonably fit for the purpose for which it is intended.
    4. In the event of a loss of internet connectivity to the host or host failure, Dial Solutions Limited will make its best efforts to restore the situation as quickly as possible. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours then customers will be compensated with a commensurate reduction of their next invoice.
  7. Termination Dial Solutions Limited reserves the right to terminate the customer's licence to use Webulator at its own discretion. An example would be if Dial Solutions Limited considered that the Customer had excessive traffic on its' Webulator website which would impact on the responsiveness of other Webulator websites. (In cases like this Dial Solutions Limited may at its discretion offer increased bandwidth or storage for an additional fee).
  8. Consequences of Termination The customer's Webulator website will no longer be available. At its own discretion, Dial Solutions Limited may refund to the Customer an amount not exceeding the annual fee and representing the number of days from the most recent annual fee invoice date to the date of termination and multiplying by the annual fee and then dividing by three hundred and sixty five.
  9. Force Majeure Dial Solutions Limited shall not have any liability whatsoever for any failure to perform, or for any delay in the performance of, any of its obligations hereunder arising wholly or mainly by reason of any factor beyond its reasonable control.
  10. Assignment and Sub-contracting
    1. A party may not assign or transfer or purport to assign or transfer a right or obligation under this Agreement without having first obtained the other party's written consent.
    2. A party may not subcontract the performance of any of its obligations under this Agreement.
  11. Notices
    1. All notices required to be given in writing under the terms of this Agreement shall be effectively given if served personally or sent by recorded delivery to the receiving party at its address stated above or to such other address as either party may from time to time notify the other party in writing. Notices shall be deemed given on the date of delivery shown on the return receipt.
    2. In the absence of earlier receipt, any notice shall be deemed to have been duly given:
      1. if delivered personally, when left at the customer's or supplier's address;
      2. if sent by mail first class, two days after posting it;
      3. if sent by facsimile, on receipt of successful facsimile transmission.
      4. if sent by email, on confirmation of receipt.
    PROVIDED ALWAYS that where any notice would be deemed under this Clause to have been served on a Saturday, Sunday or UK bank holiday then such notice shall not be deemed served until the next working day.
  12. Modifications to this document Dial Solutions Limited reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time, by posting the new agreement to the site located at http://webulator.net (or such other URL as Dial Solutions Limited may specify from time to time) and notifying the customer of such amendment. Continued use of Webulator following such notification will be deemed as acceptance of any changes.
  13. Governing law and jurisdiction This Agreement is governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, English law and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
Terms and Conditions

The Webulator Terms and Conditions must be accepted by customers before they can use Webulator to make their own website.