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  • Adding content to and removing content from the left and right columns

    The [AddContent:] and [ClearContent:] tags can be used to add content to and remove content from the left and right columns of your web pages.
  • Embedded Summaries

    The [Summary:] tag allows you to insert the title and summary from another article into a page.
  • Copying articles

    Logged in users with moderator permissions are able to copy articles in the content management system
  • Quick Links

    The [QuickLinks:] tag allows you to insert a titled box containing a list of links into an article.
  • Accordion

    An accordion or concertina style interface can be created using the [Accordion:] tag.
  • Slideshows of all the images in another article

    The [ArticleImagesSlideShow:] tag allows you to generate an slideshow of all the images (except for the summary image) contained in another article.
  • Example page containing images for a slideshow

    The images on this page are used in article
  • Tab Menus

    The [TabMenu:] tag allows you to insert a tab style menu into a page to allow navigation within a subsection of the site.
  • iCalendar Files

    Calendar events are traditionally shared using iCalendar (.ics) files. These are often attached to event invitation emails and are widely used across calendaring applications.
  • Redirecting to other pages

    Webulator allows a page to automatically redirect to another page using [Redirect:] command
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Key Features of Webulator

Webulator on a Google phone

Webulator is an online tool for creating and hosting modern websites. It allows groups of non-technical users to build standards compliant accessible websites which work across all web browsers.


User Management and Moderation

Webulator allows the site owner to create and manage accounts for users of the site, assigning permissions for the users to allow them to create and moderate articles and to access the site administration section to edit the look and feel of the website.


Template Based Styling

Website designs are based on a range of templates which govern the main aspects of the layout of the page such as where the menu and logos appear. Details such as colours, fonts and logo images are edited by a form under the control of the site owner and admins.


WYSIWYG Text Editing

Contributors to the site can enter text via a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing tool in the web browser. More advanced users may choose to enter HTML directly if they prefer.


Easy Upload of Images

Easy Upload of Images


Easy Upload of Files

Files are uploaded using the 'edit page' form.

Publication and Withdrawal Dates

Contributors to the site can set a publication date for an article. The article will not become visible to the public until that date.

Events Calendar

One or more sections of the site can be configured to behave as events calendars.

RSS Feeds

An RSS link image

Each section of a Webulator website generates its own RSS feed.



All data typed in by the user is indexed and is fully searchable.
Result pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [Next >>]