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  • Adding content to and removing content from the left and right columns

    The [AddContent:] and [ClearContent:] tags can be used to add content to and remove content from the left and right columns of your web pages.
  • Embedded Summaries

    The [Summary:] tag allows you to insert the title and summary from another article into a page.
  • Copying articles

    Logged in users with moderator permissions are able to copy articles in the content management system
  • Quick Links

    The [QuickLinks:] tag allows you to insert a titled box containing a list of links into an article.
  • Accordion

    An accordion or concertina style interface can be created using the [Accordion:] tag.
  • Slideshows of all the images in another article

    The [ArticleImagesSlideShow:] tag allows you to generate an slideshow of all the images (except for the summary image) contained in another article.
  • Example page containing images for a slideshow

    The images on this page are used in article
  • Tab Menus

    The [TabMenu:] tag allows you to insert a tab style menu into a page to allow navigation within a subsection of the site.
  • iCalendar Files

    Calendar events are traditionally shared using iCalendar (.ics) files. These are often attached to event invitation emails and are widely used across calendaring applications.
  • Redirecting to other pages

    Webulator allows a page to automatically redirect to another page using [Redirect:] command
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The Title field of the Edit Article page

The article title is a mandatory field so you will need to enter something here, even if the article is the only one that will appear on its section's main page.


Section of Website

The "Section of Website" field on the Edit Article page

This is a drop down field containing all the section names that currently exist on your website. Choose the one that you want your article to belong to.



The Summary field of the Edit Article page

Enter the article summary into this field. By default the text is entered into a simple web page oriented word processor but you can click on the "Raw HTML" button if you ever want to format your article text by manually entering the HTML tags yourself. In "Raw HTML" mode, there will be a button labelled "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) to switch back to word processor mode. The article summary is also mandatory so do not leave it blank.


Publication and Withdrawal Dates

These dates determine when an article can first be publically viewed on a website and when an article should be removed from its section's main page.


Start and End Dates

These fields only appear on the Edit Article page when the article belongs to a Calendar section.


How to use breadcrumbs to help users navigate your site

You can use the "BreadCrumbs" command embedded in your article text to create nicely formatted multiple links to other articles at the top of an article.


Summary Image

The Summary Image fields on the Edit Article page

You can add an image to your article summary by clicking on the "Browse..." button and choosing an image file stored on your system. If you do this, you should also include a short textual description of the image for popup tooltips and specialist browsers in the "Alt text for summary image" field.


Additional Content

There are 3 types of additional content that you can add to an article:

  • Text
  • Images
  • File download links

After the article summary and each additional content element there are 3 buttons:

The Add Text / Image / File buttons


The moderation section of the Edit article page only appears if the logged in user has moderator permissions. If a user submits a new article or edits an existing article, the article is not validated and therefore not visible to anybody who is not a moderator. An email is sent to the Main Moderator address as configured on the Site Admin page asking for the article to be validated. The moderator can then view the article and mark it as validated (or not!) and can optionally email the original submitter informing them that their article is now publicly visible.



The "Delete this field" checkbox

Every article content element can be individually deleted by ticking the "Delete this field" checkbox and submitting the article.

Result pages: [<< Prev] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 [Next >>]